Now more than ever in the online space you NEED high quality and eye-capturing imagery babe. I get it though, you may not have the funds to invest in a brand photographer just yet which is why taking a little time to learn how to take your own photos will be invaluable. Which is why I’m going to cover the 3 key pieces of advice when taking your own photos.


Do yourself a favour girl and PLAN your photoshoots prior to shooting day. When taking your own photos it is way too stressful (and frustrating) trying to shoot images on the whim. I’ve been there and done that and it doesn’t work. It’s un-productive and the final result is never what you want it to be.

Here’s how to plan out your photoshoots to ensure top results AND that you do it in a timely manner (because we all wish there were more hours in the day). Grab a pen and paper (or a computer) and write down the following:


Natural light babe! Use it and use it well when taking your own photos. Find a window or an open door where the light is good and place your setting there. Depending on the look you’re going for will depend on the time of day to shoot.

I like a soft light most of the time for my flatlays so I shoot in the morning. If you’re after that harsh sunlight effect you might want to shoot later in the day, but it will depend on which direction your shooting room is facing.

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To help reduce shadows, grab a white piece of board and use it as a light reflector. In the image below is my little setup I have. I use that white board to reflect the light back onto my flatlay setting to reduce darkness and shadowing.


Yep, even if you think the photo looks perfect there is always something you can do to help it pop even more but still keep it real babe. We all love a bright and happy photo, so play around with your brightness, shadows and contrast a little first. Turn up the clarity if you want a few details to really pop out as well as the saturation and vibrance.

AND most importantly, do not forget about your white balance when taking your own photos! Those bluish and yellowish tones you see in a photo is called your white balance and you don’t want them to come through too strong. There are apps you can use such as Snapseed which will help you alter your white balance to give it more of a whiter and neutral look. For the best phone editing apps, check out my blog post on the 6 Best Photo Editing Apps To Help You Nail Instagram .


Those are my top 3 pieces of advice when it comes to taking your own photos babe! I hope this helps you get started doing your own photoshoots and if you want to learn more you can pop into my free email course ‘Produce The Perfect Photo’, which teaches you more about lighting, how to build a flatlay, and the editing process. Click here to sign up now babe!

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Talk soon babe,
Amanda xx