The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation is a charitable organization which will provide educational opportunities, tools and support to youth with limited resources.

About The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation

Elizabeth Edwards Foundation StoryOur Story
Elizabeth formed communities everywhere life took her—from her childhood in the Navy to the campaign trail to her role as a voice for others living with cancer. Elizabeth believed in the power of people to support each other within their communities—and the power to lift each other up.
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Elizabeth Edwards FoundationElizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards was a mother, friend, author, lawyer, advocate, public servant, dreamer, realist and inspiration.
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Elizabeth Edwards Foundation TeamOur Team
The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation team is made up of highly capable and motivated individuals who are devoted to carrying on Elizabeth Edwards’ efforts to change lives. Each member of our team works hard to ensure that everyone touched by the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation walks away educated, enriched, and empowered.
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Elizabeth Edwards Foundation BoardOur Board
The Board of the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation is a dedicated group of individuals, each of whom were close to Elizabeth Edwards during her lifetime. Every member of the Foundation’s Board experienced firsthand Elizabeth’s compassion, support, encouragement, and passion for service. Board members look forward to serving the Foundation, helping to honor Elizabeth’s memory by passing on her gifts to others.
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