With the rise in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is becoming quite important to have a good and efficient accounting solution. Which can assist these establishments to become market changing. The CYMA IV accounting software is meant to be robust and meet the functionality of the seasoned user as well as cater to the needs of the new user.

CYMA IV Accounting

The software grows along with your business and there’s no risk of ever meeting with bottlenecks along the way. CYMA systems exist in several versions and installations. Like CYMA IV client write-up and the CYMA IV not-for-profit edition.

Reviewing CYMA IV Windows Accounting in comparison to other SBS Solutions

Eleven core domains, which contain a total of 2,852 selection components, are covered by the full capability report. We can measure it against the industry average by understanding how well CYMA IV for Windows supports these characteristics and functions. In the first ten modules, here’s how it fares:

Ledger General

76 percent of General Ledger attributes cover CYMA IV for Windows. In order to get a competitive edge, this is fair but could be enhanced. At Last, This is given that its competitors support an average of 86 percent of attributes. These modules, amounting to a disadvantage for CYMA IV Accounting for Windows.

Payable Accounts

CYMA IV for Windows includes 65 percent of the functionality and functions in Accounts Payable. And considering that its rivals cover an average of 82 percent of attributes for this module, resulting in a noticeable disadvantage for Windows CYMA IV.

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Accounts Claimable

73 percent of Accounts Receivable functionality support CYMA IV for Windows. In this module, other SBS software systems on the market have an average coverage of 83 percent, meaning the CYMA solution has a notable disadvantage here.

The Payroll

85% of the coverage of Payroll functionality is supported by CYMA IV. This is excellent coverage that slightly exceeds its rivals, who for this module average 78 percent coverage.

The Inventory

In this module, 59 percent of the attributes support CYMA IV for Windows. In other words, this is not enough to compete. For instance, with other solutions from SBS and could be improved. An average of 81 percent of inventory features are covered by other SBS product suites on the market, and the best-ranked solution covers 100 percent, meaning CYMA software is at a major disadvantage here.

Work and Costing Project

63 percent of Work and Project Costing functionality cover CYMA IV for Windows. This is an apparent drawback for the CYMA software system as its challengers cover an average of 76% of the attributes here.

CYMA IV Accounting

With CYMA systems, the client is able to synchronize his accounts payable, general ledgers, and administer inventory control. The system comes at quite a reasonable price and the cost at the end of the day is justified by its efficiency in your business. The training solutions for CYMA IV software are accessible online. Subject them to regular administrations. The software makes it simpler for you to make your financial reports at the end of the day.

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The software providers offer full support with constant upgrades and the adding of greater functionality. Integrating other tools, tracking trends becomes quite easy.

Author: W. Jacobsen, Accounting Software Reviews