Elizabeth Fellows Program: Mentorship

Other core components:
Public Service
Academic Success

The Value of a Mentor. Providing a young person with a mentor is proven to be one of the most effective ways of changing their lives. Mentored youth have better attitudes towards school and a better chance of going to college. Mentorship also promotes confidence, ability to trust and communicate, and positive relationships.

A Personal Support System. Most importantly, a mentor is someone to walk with through the everyday ups and downs of life. Elizabeth Fellows will have a one-on-one relationship between a trained and qualified mentor (an “Elizabeth Mentor”). Elizabeth Mentors are much more than just a friend. They provide key advice on academic issues, getting to college, professional opportunities, social and family life and more.

Working with the Fellows. Elizabeth Mentors will help their Fellows through the many enriching experiences the program offers. Elizabeth Mentors meet weekly with their Fellow, working to identify strengths and obstacles. Together, Mentors and Fellows determine how to deploy that Fellow’s talents within the program components and beyond.

Expanding the Mentor Network. We want our Fellows to be successful for a long time to come, which is why Elizabeth Mentors will also play a crucial role in helping Fellows identify and seek out new mentors and support networks during transitional times (at a summer job) and in new environments (during the first year of college). By staying connected to their mentor and meeting new mentors, Fellows are empowered by a support system to keep dreaming big far beyond their years in the program.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Click here.