How to view stories on Instagram without anybody noticing

Instagram shows us who has watched and interacted with it when someone shares an Instagram story. But occasionally, without having the consumer know, you might want to access a post.

How To View Instagram Stories Without anybody noticing

How To View Instagram Stories Without anybody noticing

You might be doing market analysis and want to peer at the Instagram approach of a rival brand, and prefer to keep the detail confidential. Whatever the motives, here are 2 ways you can watch the Instagram tale of anyone without everyone understanding it.

This technique takes advantage of the gui that helps you to swipe through the stories of multiple people.

What to do here:

Find the tale of the profile you choose to access anonymously on your feed and press the profile next to it.
To stop the story, press it, then swipe slowly and deliberately in the direction of the story you want to see. It will appear on the side of a 3D box next to it.
Be cautious not to swipe all the way, so the recipient can see you’ve seen it if you do.
The biggest downside to this approach is that you will only access the first story on the feed of that profile, and that you would not be able to view images. Another concern is that it would be quick to push all the way unintentionally, and so the whole exercise would have been pointless.

Utilizing an app or platform from a third party

Using a particular platform or software includes this strategy. Viewing stories from Private Instagram Viewer is not included in the figures, because the client won’t realize you’ve viewed them. Please use them at your own risk, since these are 3rd party apps:

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Desktop: Go to to locate the customer. You’ll be able to access and download all of the latest stories of that account if their profile is public.
iPhone: Update and log into the Tale Reposter program. Look for the person in the search bar, and then select their Instagram Stories folder.
Android: Please update and login to the Story Saver service. Using the search icon in the upper right corner, search for an account. In a feed style, you’ll be able to access their posts.
It takes a little more time to use this process, but it’s much more foolproof, making it much simpler to download and save the stories you’re watching.