Kahoot is a free platform that makes it easy for any group to create online trivia games to engage and interact with other learners. It is great for gaming with friends, family or colleagues: learning in a fun environment. Kahoot can also be used effectively in the classroom. Teachers can easily create quizzes, polls, surveys and more. Kahoot’s analytics allow you to measure the impact of your game and to create more engaging content. You can create free polls and quizzes as well as pay to create premium content.
Kahoot Provides Free Access to Gaming Software's Premium Version

Founded in 2017, education technology firm Kahoot! now offers students in North America free access to the “premium” version of the kahoot bot software, which includes gameplay and active learning. This decision is made in reaction to the large number of institutions and institutions that are moving toward online education in order to avoid direct interaction with their students during the coronavirus epidemic.

There are “basic” and “pro” versions of the product already. The basic version is free; the professional edition costs $3 per month per instructor; and the top-of-the-line version is $6 per month per instructor.

Teachers who use Kahoot’s free, basic edition have access to games that work for classroom-sized groups, as well as the option to build their own quizzes with multiple choice questions. students may work through games on their own, at their own speed. In addition to access to company-maintained game and quiz resources, educators may also benefit from tools like games and quizzes that are available in the Kahoot community, which members of the community may use to submit new content.

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The premium version includes everything in the base game, plus it offers instructors the opportunity to cooperate with one other and organize games at a school. Additionally, teachers may have access to an image library, use slides between questions to convey information, include polls to collect feedback, embed puzzles, mix question kinds, include open-ended questions, change ready-to-play games, and brand the site to the kids they use.

According to the firm, the premium edition also provides reports that assist instructors in formative assessment revision and formative assessment teaching modification depending on student performance.

We believe that Kahoot Premium’s online learning capabilities will help instructors engage and encourage their pupils as the result of this challenging period, according to CEO Eilert Hanoa, who made this statement in a blog post regarding the move.

Teachers working in any kind of school may subscribe to premium access. Premium access will be accessible to everyone the remainder of the school year, including those who are homeschooling.

The Kahoot Premium website provides access to the K-12 and higher education versions of the Kahoot quiz game.