Color Palettes to Hoard for Your Trousseau

As I scanned pages after pages of the finest in fashion magazines, my eyes were bombarded by such arrange of colors that putting one’s finger on a single color for the wedding season, particularly for the forthcoming seasons, would be pretty much impossible. What I did however conclude was that a bride today considers three parameters for deciding her trousseau- some serious introspection about what actually suits her skin tone and bone structure, her personality, and lastly an endeavor to hold on as much as is possible to classic underpinnings albeit try and make it as unique as is possible.

Wedding Season

In India, every time a bride prepares her trousseau, whether she wants it or there will always be a whole lot of conservative thinkers who will refrain her form experimenting, but like all things modern, today’s bride is quintessentially steeped in modern thinking with sound moorings in a culture which is why while old testaments on color choices can continue, there is no harm in trying or striking a new chord and who knows what music that could create.

In fact, a single look at the vogue Wedding fashion weekend you can feel the sudden expanse of shades as diverse as burgundy, browns, grays and so many metallic colors that designers promptly stated that ‘brown and any other color could be the new black’ and that no bride to be, should shy away from trying wholesome new color palettes on offer.

Here are a few that have been the pick of the season

My first pick of course would be the colors of royalty. That Anita Dongre so exquisitely portrayed in her collection-the resplendence of pistachios, powder blues, ivory, and golden beiges. That looks all the more wonderful with zardozi and jewel-encrusted work. So if it is an ivory lehenga one could opt for a powder blue odhani with a brown corset top for any occasion during the wedding.

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The evocative use of motifs like peacocks, fish, or floral patterns in the way the Mughals used. Trousseau choices cater also to the need in the post-wedding parties. The all-important cocktail party for which the dress has to be anything but conservative in a color. I wonder why is it that peach and yellow the two most enticing colors meant for the slightly dusky colors. The rigidity however has given way to fresh new ideas as seen in this year’s wedding fashion week. The statement clothes all were in hues that varied from gray, purple, beige to even gunmetal. In fact


Manish Malhotra’s Blue Fashion runway presentation took a relook at this elegant and royal color. The perspective of bridal wear and made it truly look opulent.

Completely divergent to opulence are the lighter younger looking color palettes. They are powder blues, lime greens, and dreamy peach-each that has the ability to offset. One’s complexion as much as it can offset heavy embroidery. Truly times have changed and today’s’ bride is looking beyond the wedding ‘pheras’ to create a brilliant palette of colors in her wardrobe –she is unassuming and nonchalant about change as she is wanting to break the mold and see if something more than ordinary can change she looks not just on her wedding day but also continues to make ripples each time she steps out for post-wedding occasions. The redefinition of the form and silhouette of bridal wear has now moved a step ahead. Fabric choices and colors play an important role in making that work for anyone.

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