In addition to adding some crazy stuff to my bonus, I wanted to go ahead and share a site with you that I made $100k with, copying Trey Smith’s software.

It was called You can look it up on to see what it looked like. It basically sold a piece of software that people could download to watch TV on their computers.

I paid $1400 to have it created. I charged anywhere from $20-$50 for it.

Basically it was an exact copy of a site that Trey created. Except he made $2.3 mil and mine only made $100k. (I later included it with the sale of several of my websites, in a 7 figure deal)

I ran mine in 2007, but Trey kept his up from 2007-2009.

That’s partly why he made so much more money than me. There are a few other reasons too:

1) While my guy promised me he would maintain the software (bugs, updates, customer service), he didn’t do a very good job at it. Meanwhile Trey had his covered in all aspects.

Hopefully his new Software System product will show how he was able to keep it up to date, and how he handled customer service.

2) Not to brag, but in 2007 my businesses were all at their peaks. When you have sites doing 8 figures in revenue, a $100k site isn’t very interesting.

So I admit, I didn’t care much about it, or keep up with it. I stopped maintaining my advertising for it. And that is where Trey really excels. He is good at Google Adwords. And the best part about software is, Google doesn’t tend to slap you for it. You can still advertise it cheaply like the good ole’ days.

I have a lot more to share about my site, and some particular insights that could be helpful to anyone interested in creating and selling software online. More on that in a moment.

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As you’ve probably heard, Trey’s “Software System” is now live and available here:

I’m going to throw in a bunch of bonuses that will really make it worth your while.

And the best part about my bonuses is…

Even if you get “The Software System”, and decide its not for you, and refund…

You STILL get my bonuses. I don’t know anybody else who will do that.

So here’s what you get from me (at no cost) for simply buying the Software System through this link:

My 10 part bonus:

1) I’m going to give you more details on the software I had made back in 2007, that I made over $100k with, copying Trey. And when I say I copied him, I mean 100%. I’ve never shared this info with ANYONE (not even Trey).

2) I’m going to give out the contacts I use at for ALL of my outsourcing (this is the stuff you guys keep asking me for, and I’ve unfortunately had to decline up to this point).

These are the people I use for almost all of my backlinks to my websites, and some other sneaky stuff I outsource that I’d rather not reveal publicly. I’ll also hook you up with a great software programmer on Freelancer. He is currently developing something for me.

I *really* don’t want to share this stuff, but I figure only a handful of people are gonna buy the Software System, so my freelancers won’t be too tied up with your stuff, at least hopefully they won’t!

I think the above is worth well over $2k by itself. I’ve burned through at least 50 link builders at, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. I can tell you exactly who to use, what their strengths are, and who NOT to use.

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There are a couple of guys I use who do backlinks in a way I’ve never seen anyone else do. I’m amazed at what they provide. Its pretty genius. This info will all be included.

3) I’m going to give out templates, and exact copies of the way I word my job postings on Freelancer, as well as a couple of BIG tips that will get people to work harder and faster for you (and still cheap).

a) if you are a basic member, I will upgrade you to Full Disclosure for life.

b) if you are already a Full Disclosure member, I will cancel all future installment payments.

c) If you are already paid in full for full disclosure, contact me personally through the members forum and
we’ll work something out where you get a major benefit.

(for example, I can review one of your websites and give you help with it, or I can give you advanced notice and insight on some big upcoming launches that won’t be publicly known. I’m open to your other ideas/needs as well)

d) If you are not yet a member, I will give you a full disclosure membership ($500 value)!

5) I’m going to give you the details on several of Trey’s websites that people don’t know about. For example, I know the url’s of his 2 sites that made him the $2.3 mil, and can show them from I also know his url’s where he sold spy stuff and hypnosis stuff (not under his own name).

6) I’m going to show you a neat trick to get a lot of quality backlinks from software related companies, even if your current site has nothing to do with software

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7) I’ll show you what I do when a launch is taking place in 48 hours and I still want to get ranked in Google for it before it launches. For example, last week I created 4 websites that are currently ranked in the top 10 for Trey’s launch. Go ahead and Google “software system”, “software system bonus”, “software system review” and “software system trey smith”.

You’ll see I have multiple top listings, AND I’m the only top 10 site for “software system” that is related to this launch. Even Trey’s site is not there. There are over 11 million competitors and I got top 10 in one week.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how I did this. (hint: I’ll show you how I got a great domain before anyone else, AND why the domain itself wasn’t enough)

I’ll give you the email addresses of some bigtime JV’ers who can put you on the notification list for big, invite only launches. I can’t guarantee they’ll accept you, but I’ll do my best to make it happen.

9) I will do a global announcement of any offer you choose, for 48 hours in my forum (as long as you own the offer). This should get you 1,000+ very targeted eyeballs.

10) Mike & I will do a VIP dinner at Yanik’s Underground Seminar on March 3-5 in Washington DC, and you will be our invited guest.

Ok, so that pretty much wraps it up. Don’t forget, even if you buy Trey’s Software System, and don’t like it for any reason, just get a refund and you STILL get my bonuses. No questions asked.

Talk soon,

Kelly Felix

P.S. Again “The Software System” is now live and my link to it is: