Cate Edwards

Cate Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards Foundation“My mom always said that the best thing you can give your children is wings, because you won’t always be there to bring food back to the nest. At the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation, we’re continuing my mom’s work – to try to give more children the wings they need and deserve.”

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Hargrave McElroy

Hargrave McElroy, Elizabeth edwards Foundation“I saw Elizabeth as a great encourager. She had the capacity to make anyone feel capable and talented. Her compassionate and generous spirit infused all she did. The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation is a perfect reflection of that spirit. Elizabeth wanted nothing more than to give others the tools to strive and to succeed. Her family, her work, her writing, and her life are proof of that.”

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Christina Reynolds

Christina Reynolds, Elizabeth edwards Foundation“To know Elizabeth was to have a new member of the family—one who offered wit and wisdom, advice, opinions and support freely. While we miss her every day, her legacy lives on through the Foundation, which will offer that same support and strength to a new generation of students.”

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Marc Adelman

Marc Adelman, Elizabeth edwards Foundation“No one loved the written word more than Elizabeth Edwards. She loved lyrics; she cherished beautiful prose and she always inspired the use of good grammar in those around her. One of my favorite memories of Elizabeth is playing word games with her on a midnight train from New York to Washington. Intellectual curiosity was Elizabeth’s hallmark and it is fitting that opportunities in education are the mission of the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation.”

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