A startup is all about innovation. Each day 3-4 new startups are planned and being developed.
But the sad news is, 90% of them fail and only 10% stand in the market.

Going for a startup is not an easy decision to make. It can be very challenging to go for a new venture.
But it’s not that difficult too. If you are willing to give something interesting to the market.

The market will definitely welcome you. Once the startup sustains and gets a good pace. The results are much more profitable.

There should be a clear vision. If you are planning to provide a product, you should definitely know about the target market. What type of people your product is for?

You should identify your customers and plan your objectives accordingly. Provide right product to the right customer.

The most initial step where most of the startups lack.

At the time of planning, you should consider 1 or 2 backups. So that in case there are some issues in future   you could recover it by applying them.

A change could then be helpful if thought in advance.

Always consider the environment of your workspace. Your workspace should never be boring.

If you want people in your company to be more enthusiastic and work with full dedication. You need to build an amazing workspace.

It’s your team which can have a great impact on your startup. By making the place exciting I don’t mean put all your money into designing your workspace.

But by applying the coolest ideas. Like the facilities, you could provide, work timings. Create a very friendly environment.

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If you want to be an entrepreneur  you should start to think like one.
An entrepreneur never underestimates any work.

One should always join each and every team or topic in the process.
Responsibilities should be shared not distributed.

Startup which sustain from the beginning have more chances to stay strong in the market.

If your company doesn’t grow then you can come to a serious problem. You might need those planned backups.
If the idea works the company may catch up a good pace.

And the growth of the company will certainly be increasing at a higher rate.

Higher the growth of your startup higher would be the funding. There are startup which face major funding issues. But if you rise in the market money would never be an issue for you.

Some of the top CEO’s suggests, that there is nothing important than a cofounder in any startup.
I suggest that you must have 1 or 2 co-founders if not more at least one.

As the market is increasing. People tend to attract towards variety.
And you as a person would have a single thought based on a particular product.

So, you need partners who could join hands solely and work with you as a co-founder.

Startup can work as a boom in the market if you apply these fixed and successful rules to your plan.
There are many examples of the growth of startups and growth and growth.

It can be a really high graph for you too. But for that, you should work on your idea.

Talk to your cofounders. Build a pillar of market structure. Try to be the survival of the market.

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