If you are a network marketer or are in a multi-level marketing company and want to build a solid network under you, then these 8 actionable steps are a great path to follow for your success. The vast majority of NWMers or MLMers wind up burning out and giving up because they do not have a system for success. That does not need to happen to you!

STEP one

Define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement.

This is the important to do upfront because if you don’t know what your dreams are and if you don’t really know what you want, you will not have the drive or motivation to push forward through those times when you are struggling.

Without a major goal and clear definition of that goal, you will not be excited or enthused enough to keep going when you come up against an obstacle. You need to know exactly what you want, not just a vague idea about wanting to be rich and live in a nice house.

To help you define exactly what you want, try these exercises,

STEP two

Make commitments.

Make some commitments to take action toward your dream. These do not have to be huge steps, but you need to start now, while you are excited about your dreams.

As a member of an MLM or NWM company, you are now in business for yourself. So you need to be commited to your own success.

Here are some examples of commitments you may want to make:

Commit to studying the training provided by your MLM or NWM company every day, even if for only 10 or 15 minutes.

Commit to spending 4 hours a week working on your business. Define when those hours will be, such as Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. Or commit to 2 hours on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 to 9.

Commit to talking to 10 people a week about your business.

Commit to reading everyday on personal development or building your business skills.

When you make commitments to yourself, you are more likely to follow through with them. When you follow through, you are much more likely to succeed.


You must be a product of the product.

You must use the product you are marketing. You must truly believe in the product or services your company provides. Your use and belief in the product show in your presentations of it to your potential customers. You become a true advocate for it and that builds trust with your customers.

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If you do not believe that your products or services are a good value or that your company is not offering good value, then representing them puts you outside of your integrity. You can never succeed in business or life without honesty and integrity.


Make a list.

Make a list of the people you know. Ask yourself, who do I know? Do not ask whom do I know that might be interested. Do not prejudge anyone at this point in the process. You can narrow it down later. You just need to list everyone you know. Even if you do not know their names. List your postal carrier, your dry cleaner, the lady who serves you at the deli. The idea here is just to make a list.

Failure to complete this step is the main reason most people fail in MLM. When first starting out, it is difficult to approach people about your business.

Most people do not make a list so they have no leads or prospects to talk to. You will have to talk to everyone on your list, but what you should do is sort it and figure out who you can make yourself go talk to first.

Who on your list can you approach, overcoming your fears of rejection, that you believe would listen to you and not judge you? This is important in your first days. For some people, this might be family members or friends. For others, it is far easier to approach the postal worker or dry cleaner. Since they are not actually people who really know you, their opinion of you matters little, so it is a little less scary to talk to them.


Have a meeting.

Get together with someone to talk about your business. You need to talk to peope about your product or service that in an attempt to get them to become customers or to join your downline.

You can do this by sending email, postcards, letters or call the people on your list. Your particular company should have marketing materials that you can use for this. You want to let them know that you have a new business and to let them know what you are doing or selling.

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You can have a member of your up-line to assist you with 3-way calls or joining you for face to face meetings in the beginning. They should be willing to assist you until you really learn everything you need to know including how to handle objections and answer questions.

The most successful people in marketing are the ones that talk to more people. Those people who succeed fastest are those who get more “no” responses because these are the people who hear “no” then move on to the next person. They do not take the rejection personally and they do not let “no” stop them.


Follow up and follow through.

Many people do not like to say “no” to you so they tell you they will think about it. Call them back! Call people back that you talked to previously to see if they have more questions or objections you can answer for them. Even if they said no previously, a few months from now, the answer may be yes. So check back on a regular basis.

Remind them you are still in business and what your product can do for them, or what being a member of the company can do for them. You don’t have to be salesy about it, instead, share your experience with it. Share your successes with them. You can say such things as “This new skin cream has really helped to reduce my wrinkles in just a couple of weeks!.” Or “Wow, I made an extra $800 last month working just part time. This business is great, I am making money and really enjoying myself too. Just let me know if you are ever interested in joining me. I would love to help you make extra money too.”

For those that did join you or buy from you, you need to check in with them on a regular basis too. They may need questions answered or help with products. Always be pro-active as many people hate to ask. You need to always open the door for them by asking if they need anything or have an y questions.

The real money (success) is in the follow up!


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Start them right.

When you do get new people to join with you and become part of your team, it is important that you start them off right. You need to get them connected into the training systems your company offers and introduce them to other peoople within your organization.

You need to help them through getting started and get through this list. You need to be talking to their prospects with them. You should really be focused on helping them to succeed. If they succeed, then you will succeed.

By concentrating on working deep, helping those below you to get their first one or two signups, you will succeed much faster than if you just run out and sign up 50 people in a couple of weeks. When you do that, you are working wide, not deep. You cannot possibly help 50 people all at the same time. When you work wide, you get lots of signups, but you lose a lot of them because you leave them floundering so they quit.


Plug into the system.

All MLM and Network Marketing companies have systems to help you develop your skills and learn about the products and services.

They have training to help you deal with objections. They will help you to stay enthusiastic, energized and motivated. By plugging yourself into this sysem and delving into it to its depths, you are much more likely to succeed.

You should attend as many live meetings, training calls or webinars that you can. Take advantage of that are made available. You need to meet other people inside the company.

Get to know who your upline members are, not just your sponsor, but their sponsor and their sponsor and then on up. You should all be working in support of each other and toward success for all. Your upline should be happy to work with you and assist you as needed since their success is based, in part, on your success.


I hope you have found these steps to be informative and helpful. Mulit-Level Marketing and Network Marketing take effort, but can pay off very handsomely for those who stick with it. If you follow the steps and always follow through, you will increase your success and it will happen faster.

To your success!