Below is a list of ways anyone can make money online. There’s no quick way to earn money online. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. Making quick cash online is only for blogs and websites that already have a large following and a lot of traffic. There is no get rich quick secret. like everything, it takes a lot’s of effort, lot’s of learning and help from other people.

But, if you have the time to learn and the patience to never give up. You can and will start to see money trickle in. If you become good or even great at what you do online, you will be able to make a living and possibly make a passive income. I don’t want to discourage anyone but there’s a lot of competition out there. This is a list of 5 sure ways to make money online. I have personally used all these methods and it has given me the opportunity to work from home.

1. Paid surveys: This is a legitimate way of earning money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay very much but if you sign up with good companies and participate in many surveys you can make enough to pay some of your bills. I did this for a month and didn’t see enough income to continue. I just didn’t enjoy it very much.

What you need: A computer and a good internet connection.

2. Teach a language online: Are you fluent in English? Thousands of people around the world are willing to pay tutors to teach them English via video chat. You can make decent money in this arena but you really have to be good with people to keep your students long term. Word of mouth referrals will lead you to new clients. The hardest part is getting your first few clients. I did this personally for 4 months, teaching English to Korean students. I made about $1000 / month for about 3 hours work per day. It’s easy if you’re a good teacher.

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What you need: A high speed internet connection, computer, webcam, headset and language teaching experience.

3. Home based customer service representative: Like a call center but the agents all work from home. Customer service, sales and support via internet telephone and live chat systems. I still do this now during the day with a client of mine. I do some inbound computer networking tech support. I get maybe 10 calls a day and it pays very well, plus I’m at home with my family. Do you want to work from home? Make money with oDESK

What you need: A high speed internet connection, a computer, a headset and the companies preferred communication software. You also need some customer service or call center experience.

4. Sell products on ebay: Auction your own products or sell other people goods. Find a source of unique products to sell and post them on your ebay profile page. You need to optimize your profile page, research products to sell, study your competitions pricing and provide good customer service. This will give you a good rating on your profile page which in turn builds trust and confidence to prospective online shoppers.

What you need: A high speed internet connection, a computer, an ebay account and a source of products to sell.

5. Blogging: There are many ways to make money blogging . Advertise your expertise and freelance. Some examples are writing, photography, accounting, affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising, direct marketing and much more.Blogging offers the broadest way to make money online and can give you multiple streams of income. It is the slowest way to earn money online compared to the list above but it has the best potential to earn long term passive income. This blog earns money from pay per click advertising and some affiliate marketing.

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What you need: High speed internet, computer, web hosting and a blogging platform.

This is a real list of ways I personally have made money with online. Each one of them has challenges but they all can provide you with another source of income as it does for me.

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